We solve tomorrow’s challenges for sustainable societies and businesses


Competition for resources is fierce and poses challenges for regional organisations, governments, business life, and the populations. Further challenges are added by the financial crisis and requirements under international agreements on trade, environment, climate and rights that ask compliance of governments and enterprises. To thrive and grow in this environment, it is necessary for governments to act sustainably in support of business life, nationally, regionally and internationally. Dedicated governance will promote innovation in ideas, services, products, and create local jobs. A broader knowledge base in terms of optimal partnerships in management and development leads to the identification of innovative and sustainable solutions to challenges. To support enduring success an organisation’s strategic goal and vision requires acknowledgement for ingenuity and foresight – clarify the concept, enhance the image and brand it

BELCO Ltd. Management and Development provides consulting services. Our core areas of expertise are at the cross roads of international trade and economic development, and enhancement of the private sector’s role in this process. We assist elaboration of concepts based on innovative approaches to governance, management systems, product development and thematic ideas. For us success is achieved when your organisation’s requirements to quality are met with a visible positive result. 

In this spirit, service delivery is carried out by teams of consultants composed of own staff complemented by expertise drawn from our extensive partner network. We act in concert with the policies and principles of the development partner community in respect of rights, and environmental and climate concerns. We subscribe to the UN Global Compact, and apply the terms of international, regional and local financial institutions. A partnership and dialogue approach is always applied and is supported by efficient communication processes and tools. Together with your management we elaborate your concept and strategic framework using the latest methods and e-based technologies available for implementation and enhancement of image.



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