Energy & water

Energy resources are scarce, and their use may add to the carbon foot print if not designed, implemented, and managed sustainably. Conservation of raw energy sources and reduction of energy consumption in e.g. cold store plants is important in future energy management and climate concerns.  Assignments include both traditional energy production and distribution  and renewable sources as hydropower, solar and wind, and biofuels. Drinking water production and distribution and sanitation systems have been implemented. Around 20 assignments have been completed within these areas:


  • Renewable energy (hydropower, wind and solar energy, biomass)
  • Power generating plants with focus on reduced emissions
  • Trunk and low voltage distribution systems
  • Energy management and administrative systems
  • Distribution system for liquified gas

Water and sanitation

  • Drinking water supply and distribution systems
  • Industrial water supply
  • On-site sanitation systems for processing industry and public drainage systems
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