Services sector

For virtually all groups of countries on the development ladder the services sector is part of the take-off process towards graduation to the next step.  Investment in sub-sectors as trade and retailing, small scale processing, transport and consulting services are not excessive to capabilities. Other sub-sectors as transport infrastructure, tourism development, finance sector and IT and telecom services are more demanding on resources.  Tourism even on a small scale is a fairly quick and safe way to generate local value added on own resources, but it has to be carried out on a sustainable basis and in compliance with the GATS agreement. Easy access to capital and/or credit for investment and operation is for SMEs a must to start-up and survival. A functioning and low cost finance and banking sub-sector has to be in place. So does government delivery systems for support to SMEs and larger industry in terms of business support, incubation and innovation facilities.  In compliance with relevant international agreements and standards about 40 assignments have been executed by BELCO and its management.



  • Transport sector master planning
  • Analyses of various road transport infrastructure facilities
  • Road safety and furniture, repair and maintenance systems
  • Railroads
  • Commercial port development and port management
  • Fishery port development and management
  • Warf, slipways and vessel repair and maintenance
  • Maritime transport systems
  • Airport development and maintenance
  • Integrated transport and logistics management systems;

Tourism development

  • Tourism master planning
  • Regional and local tourism development
  • Local involvement in supply of food, beverage, artefacts, guiding, tracking and transport
  • Eco-tourism development


Other Services sector

  • APEX bank systems
  • Banking and credit facilities
  • Rural and revolving fund/credit facilities
  • Venture capital funds
  • Insurance cpompanies
  • Consulting engineering services
  • IT and telecom services
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