Since incorporation in 2000 BELCO has operated as a network based Management and Development consulting service. The company founder and manager, Bent Larsen, has a multi sided academic background in international trade economics and law, development economics, industrial investment analysis and communications.

The Managing Director’s experience includes delivery of consulting services from a base within consulting engineering. He held responsibility as Head of Department for private sector investment and management and trade development activities in countries of Africa, Asian, Caribbean, Central and Eastern Europe, Middle East, Latin America and Pacific. More than 120 countries and 7 regional economic integration communities form the group of ‘public sector’ beneficiaries. Private sector operators and associated investors and financing institutions have been a key part of this process as well both as clients and beneficiaries.

During this period he held several executive level positions in consortia of consulting companies and research institutions managing large scale international, regional and bilateral projects and programmes. He was appointed to Board of Director membership of Danish and international production and consulting service companies. Later he assumed the role as deputy director of a UN organisation aiming to assist the process of systemic and economic transition and regional integration ambitions in Central and Eastern Europe. This background forms a mixture of international trade, regional integration and the role of the private sector in the process and is not only history but is an active part of the BELCO consulting concept.

BELCO has key competencies within economic, regulatory framework and institutional issues related to the rules based trading system (WTO rules and sub-agreements), which is applied regional integration processes, national level trade policy development and mainstreaming into the national planning and budgeting framework. Detailed knowledge on international trade and investment conditions in a large number of countries and regions is available and services to establish an enterprise and trade enabling environment are at the front. For support to the public sector services include design studies, TA to implementation and project management, provided towards infrastructure development projects (all modes of transport, tourism, credit/banking systems and IT and telecom service providers) and also capacity building projects. Trade related support to private sector development include the setting up and management support to Business Support and Advisory facilities, Incubation, and Innovation Centers. Public Private Partnerships in energy production and port operation have been assisted

Trade related services are extended to the private sector enterprises in terms of how to apply internationally agreed standards and norms, through GMP, GHP, establishment and keeping of quality assurance systems, management training, market understanding and image creation. BELCO has assisted with the establishment and running in of more 60 either single direct investment or joint venture companies. At enterprise level we serve all economic sectors, but most activities have been in the food and associated industry sector. Activities in other industry sectors are of substance however, e.g. the entire Service and Knowledge Sector (tourism, transport, IT-ITC, finance and knowledge services).

Support to Civil Society organisations is an increasingly more important aspect of development, and it bears on building institutional infrastructure for democracy and the cementation and further elaboration of human and labour rights. We have assisted the founding of professional associations, chambers of commerce and non-governmental organisations in several economies. Also support to cooperative structures and credit facilities have been serviced, leaving the BELCO staff with a solid knowledge base in these areas.

BELCO management has taken the opportunity to initiate provision of advice on how to mitigate part of the effect of the present crisis, and has opened a new unit for image creation, e-concept and branding. This department assists with definition of business strategy, concept development, and media strategy. It applies the latest methods, tools and optimal media mix for implementation and design.

In recent years the globalization and the financial crisis has underlined the need for businesses to be visible, and always to stay at the competitive edge of their industry. Globalization requires that even small producers or service providers competes regionally, if not internationally. Only companies that are geared towards constant market adaptation, flexibility in management structures, and ability operate cost efficient production systems are likely to thrive. Such businesses have developed a business strategy and concept bit many are still in for adopting a coherent media strategy to get optimal exposure and run campaigns.

The company history, combined with the long track record of its management, has led to the adoption of a set of central values. These values are adapted further by the staff and associates and partners working with us and have been formulated as a brief Guide of Conduct:

  • The activities of the company are always executed at a high level of ethics, decency, and respect for international management standards and local cultural perceptions;
  • The team staff and associates display a coherent attitude of responsibility both for colleagues, partners, society, and local community where the actual activities are carried out;
  • We work to satisfy the clients’ requirements to quality and compose the optimal multi-profession teams to enhance the knowledge and performance of the individual.
  • We listen to the client, use dialogue to refine understanding, and act in integrity by stating what we think, and enacting what we state;
  • As a player at the international scene for advisory services we subscribe to the ten principles of the United Nations Global Compact.
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