User and marketing strategy

BELCO’s experience with international and inter-cultural work from more than 120 countries helps assure that your concept is user-friendly, meets adapted user behavioral trends, and builds on clear and simple information architecture.

In the concept development phase the application of user requirements to a concept/product are important for elaboration of campaign strategy and design. Such information is derived from several sources:

  • End user segments and intermediary research is digested through quantitative data collection and processing methods and qualitative assessments;
  • Up-dating via external databases and peers is carried out;
  • The impact of user group information is decided in close dialogue with the client.

We encourage and include user driven innovation, but we also introduce our own ideas for discussion in choice of strategy and campaign design. We propose tactical marketing decisions, the optimal concept, design a campaign and plan media use on paid, own and earned media. Decisions are always made in close dialogue with your organisation. The marketing of ideas, products and services are both to B2C, B2B and organisation to society.


Use of strategic planning in campaign design 

A cross-media communication strategy and plan is developed, it may involve:

  • Choice of communication genres and modes,
  • Text editing and content creation (graphics, interactivity etc.)
  • Story-telling
  • Design of media interaction,
  • Media and platform considerations,
  • Use of social media, and input on recent tendencies and trends.

We ensure full integration with digital solutions on various platforms that cover user experience, branding and design principles, visual identity, interface design and visual communication strategies. Application of traditional media as printed matter, shows, and radio is done where deemed appropriate.

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