E-business & E-tools

Healthy commercial activities should be reinforced by modern e-business practices to attract additional customers/users towards your concept. There are well established benefits of fast communication via internet, web design tools and the use of social media. BELCO will apply these highways in a cautious manner to protect your organisation and concept; yet making full use of the speed and ease of flow that they offer. We work with inter-active digital solutions for simple advertising with a digital profile, and we apply e-commerce techniques to enhance your organisation’s outreach. Finally to assure your requirement to quality and to increase cost efficiency, we use external web and design agencies in the process of a production, if own resources are not considered optimal.


Application of the latest E-based methods and tools

Choice of technology is based on trends within technology, media facilities and platforms. Together with your organisation we explore the latest trends and make decisions that will allow the development and support of visual experiences and dynamic user interfaces, in creativity as in technical aspects. It is important that the choice of technology can be documented and that it is cost-efficient. Our long term experience in project planning, execution and timeliness of deliverables will be an asset towards promoting your concept.

E-commerce solutions are challenging and potentially high yielding options. They will be proposed as part of the strategic concept development. We present a platform and a plan of implementation, but these will be applied only when seen fit by your organisation. E-commerce solutions go hand-in-hand with conversion strategies, adapted business models, and adapted after-sales services. Results have to be measurable in terms of contributions towards increasing profits, increased sales, and strategies for managing new trends and development.

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