Management & adminstration services

To public and semi-public sector clients, and their development partners, the combination of services reflects where on the project cycle the actual intervention is placed.  It would reflect also the choice of development aid modalities as stand-alone projects, Sector Support or Budget Support; services may involve:

  • Short term project preparatory, market, and investment studies;
  • Long term technical assistance (TA) and  advisory services for implementation  and project management;
  • Action plans by priority for policy implementation, public sector capacity building, infrastructure and service sector development;
  • Identifies investment needs for sector wide programmes as for stand-alone projects, Public Private Partnership (PPP) and derivative interventions, industrial investment projects, and help secure plans of financing for the associated in- and outputs;
  • Activities related to arrangement and execution of  international conferences, seminars, and workshop; we deliver expert panel members, chairperson, presenters and rapporteur;
  • Execute ex-ante evaluations, mid-term reviews, and ex-post evaluation and auditing.

These services involve provision of consultants to manage long term projects or programmes on behalf of development partners, beneficiaries, or larger groups of investors and financial institutions. Acknowledged tools, approaches and methods following the different steps of the Project Cycle Management (PCM), and Logical Framework Approach (LFA) are applied deliver to cost effective, transparent and accountable management procedures. In addition to off-the-shelf tools, own e-based systems and tools for project performance progress, investment analysis and programme management, are available and adapted specifically to you needs.


In case of larger programmes or complex investment concepts BELCO either participates as consortium leader or sub-contractor; roles and functions include:

  • Responsible for field team selection and management;
  • Management via the team leader with HQ back-up staff to handle prescribed and agreed activities and keeping separate financial accounts;
  • Coordination either based locally or coordinated at the HQ of the client, beneficiary of the BELCO office;
  • Establishment of a set of verifiable indicators, a monitoring system and plan, and regular monitoring;
  • Periodic-, ad hoc-, and completion reporting and handing over procedures;
  • Delivery of back-up staff and quality assurance staff at BELCO office is provided
  • Cloud based systems ensure that communication procedures, and adaptation of activity and input delivery planning are quick and precise and always agreed with the client and/or beneficiary, accounts are accessible while remaining solidly protected.


A project can be a small short term activity, where BELCO supplies the Team Leader, and/or part of the team consultants. In case of shorter projects and investment activities these roles and functions are delivered:

  • Establishment of a multi-disciplinary team composed according to the specified requirements;
  • Project preparatory studies  as identification, scoping, feasibility/ appraisal, detailed design  and specific thematic studies);
  • Marketing, image creation nd branding campaigns (see Branding)
  • Review studies to check on design and integrity of the project or investment
  • Mid-term review, ex-post evaluation and audit assignments
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