Project Cycle Management

This approach follows a programme or investment project over its entire economic lifetime. Careful project identification and design with agreed milestones and transparent management processes embeds progress control and increase chances of achieving objectives. The stages of the PCM system expose the funding proposal, or investment concept, to review and periodic and ad hoc evaluation; this allows interventions with corrective measures to be introduced in a timely fashion. BELCO has carried out assignments at all stages of the project cycle (scoping, identification, preparatory studies, feasibility assessments/ appraisal, detailed design, implementation, monitoring, evaluation and audit).


Systemic tools and approaches

We have applied a range of existing PCM tools developed by clients to their specific needs. The requirements of the individual assignment determine the mix of tools and method to be applied. BELCO holds certification in other business and process improvement areas as LEAN, TQM, Project Management, Food Inspection, and even more specific areas of the ISO system and IT. The list of tools and approaches below is not exhaustive, but includes:

  • A close communication and dialogue based process with the involved partners
  • Logical Framework approach
  • Quality management systems including LEAN technology, TQM, supply chain management and specific IT systems as requested
  • Development and adaptation of models for macro-economic and financial assessment
  • Benchmarking, critical path analysis, SWOT and SWAT analysis
  • Time and resource input management   
  • E-concept tools  and branding
  • Good Management Practices, own control systems based on Good Hygienic

Practice, food safety inspection and control systems as Pre-Requisite Programmes (PRP) topped by the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP) approach. Manuals for individual food processing lines are developed.

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