Economic growth and trade capacity development require sustainability in utilization of own resources – energy, raw materials, human skills, environmental and climatic concerns, infrastructure available and financial assets. Enhanced trade capacity may spur establishment of more advanced industry, generate increased value addition, create jobs, and help establish value- and supply chains beyond their infant stage. Further industry development and growth follows via increased domestic manufacturing, marketing and exports of the output.

Exports under present conditions are mostly in terms raw materials or fairly simple processing of these into intermediary and final products, and hence ‘transfer’ much needed jobs and value addition to other economies. This limits the economy in generating value added based on own raw resources. It augments a negative spiral where the trade regime available to a country or region defines important growth parameters that are not optimal. Sticking to the terms of WTO rules based trade; the negative spiral has to be reversed to activate economic growth. BELCO has solid expertise with these complicated trade agreements, standards and negotiating procedures, and in how to assist economic growth.

Trade framework

We deliver trade related services to public beneficiaries, private businesses, and civil society organisations. It entails three main areas of work:

  • Assistance to complex and long term programmes, industry investment and administrative services;
  • Technical assistance (TA) and advisory services to governments, Regional Integrations Communities (REC) and other public sector clients on compliance and capacity requirements under the WTO set of agreements. The ambition is the meet internationally agreed on standards, norms and procedures, regulatory framework, enforcement procedures, capacity building centrally and locally and ways on how to enhance competitiveness. Services to the enterprise levels includes diagnostic studies, management training, and meeting notified technical standards and improvements in quality assurance systems;
  • Assistance to private sector development and individual enterprises regarding partnerships, competitiveness, investment analysis furnished with plans of finance, image creation and branding; the most recent e-concept tools are employed in dialogue with the client’s management or coordination team

BELCO works to improve the trade framework through TA, training activities, and arranging and executing workshops, seminar and international conferences :

  • Assistance to Governments and RECs regarding the establishment of an optimal framework for rules based trading
  • Advice to Governments on how to define and implement a favourable trade and business enabling environment
  • Removal of Non-Tariff Barriers to trade
  • Helps establish export and investment promotion facilities
  • Examines aspects of national level competiveness
  • Carries out capacity building
  • Assists individual enterprises in preparing for trade and to meet compliance issues
  • Contributes to the international trade policy dialogue
  • Acts a chair and presenter at international conferences on trade and investment topics
  • Reviews, evaluations and audits to increase aid effectiveness, gather lessons learned prevent overlapping in done funded activities.
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