Rules based trading

In 2010, 94% of all international trade was done between partners to the World Trade Organisation’s (WTO) rules based trading system. The WTO rules, norms and standards are valid for governments, RECs, as for the individual enterprises.  It is a vast and often complicated system of rules and standards that require specialised knowledge to design trade policy, implement decided policy, and assure compliance to WTO rules and sub-agreements. Being compliant with the rules enhances the quality of products, e.g. in terms of food safe for human consumption. In an ideal world, compliant nations and their enterprises, become competitive on equal terms and help create both economic technical and social development.

However trade is not always done fairly and within the rules, and there are still many obstacles to trade such as rules of origin, cross border issues, high cost of transaction, and NTBs. In the end rules based trading pave the way for a process of more peaceful human interaction, based on the values founded in democratic, open and civil oriented societies. We assist within the following areas:

  • WTO rules based trade (accession, negotiating positions and implementation)
  • Specific WTO sub-agreements as SPS, TBT, AA, NAMA, GATS, TRIPs, S&D, ASCM, and TRIM
  • Trade economics and law
  • Trade, poverty alleviation and human development
  • Capacity building for trade policy analysis, design and negotiation
  • Trade facilitation
  • Up-graded transportation and logistics systems
  • Anti-corruptive practices
  • The Integrated Framework process (DTIS and Phase II projects)
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