Application of tools and methods to monitor, assess and adjust project/ programme activities before, during and after implementation are considered still more important. It allows a timely intervention to adjust design, composition and content of activities and input levels, which is crucial to a (cost) efficient implementation and to assure that progress is on track and objectives likely to be achieved. This is valid both for both for donor assisted programmes as for private sector led investment projects

To meet project objectives and secure timely delivery of outputs require close systematic monitoring and periodic as ad hoc review/evaluation. Success with development and investment activities depends to a large degree on choice of project strategy, actual execution of activities and the application of input needed.

The role of review/evaluation and audit is becoming more pronounced both for aid cooperation interventions as for commercial investment. A continuous process of evaluation and audit assures the individual intervention a better chance of performance and achieving immediate objectives, it similarly protects an investment. This process expands the knowledge of planners and leaves the project partners with lessons learned for future planning purposes after completion of project activities.

Auditing procedures are requested by government institutions and private investors. Timely auditing is a useful tool to establish a detailed picture of progress of project preparation and implementation process. Lessons learned from evaluation and auditing activities are applicable towards future project design to optimize the use of otherwise scarce resources.

BELCO Ltd. has carried out monitoring, review/evaluation and auditing work in 21 countries for donors and private sector investors. Services delivered include different types of evaluation:

  • Due diligence assessment
  • Ex-ante evaluation
  • Regular and ad hoc monitoring
  • Mid-term review and evaluation
  • Ex post evaluation and audit
  • Country programme evaluation
  • Sector specific evaluation
  • Thematic evaluation
  • Institutional evaluation
  • Aid form and co-funding intervention evaluation
  • Investment evaluation and audit
  • Meta evaluation
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