Business development

Social and economic dynamics are to a large extent vested with the establishment and healthy functioning of private businesses large as small supported by an enabling environment. Sustainable jobs and growing value added contribution accrue from both segments of the private sector. In particular Small & Medium sized Enterprise segment (SME) has shown potential to become a driver to the benefit of the owners and the economy.


BELCO assists the restructuring process and SME sector growth through needs analyses,  Technical Assistance (TA) and training programmes for the government and regional institutions and the enterprises. The aim is to establish an enabling environment for private sector and encourage trade development. This includes assistance to design and implementation of WTO related international trade agreements, adoption of a favourable policy, regulatory framework and institutional capacity. Assistance to the enterprises includes adaptation of modern management tools through, and transfer of technology, and we encourage innovation among other through direct collaboration between businesses across borders. BELCO has helped the private sector as follows:

  • Privatisation and restructuring processes
  • Joint-venture projects
  • SMEs – management and product development
  • Establishment of a business friendly environment
  • Venture capital formation
  • Establishment and management of credit lines
  • Establishment of democratic and civic structures
  • Legal, normative and regulatory work

Read more below on the support  to Large enterprises and SMEs. The enterprises assisted so far originate in Europe, Eastern Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia, or Latin America, some have global operations.


         Large Enterprises                                   SME


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