We assist with elaboration of concept and strategy. A basic concept with pull effect needs a strategy for implementation and a cost efficient plan of action to create a positive image of the organisation that owns it.

We ensure that key building blocks in the image creating process include the organisation’s set of values; in a similar manner the operating habits and culture are incorporated. A positive receipt of the concept by user groups or market actors is the end objective. It should not stop with creation of an image. To stay a winner and ensure lasting success in competitive environments requires more than a survival strategy.

The basic concept has to be fitted in context of target markets and their cultural settings. It should be presented to the users/target groups, customer segments, partners and other relevant audience in a clear and simple manner using the optimal media mix. Strategic development of communication tools and design concepts are equally important to ensure recognition and branding of the concept. Branding is a not a one-off exercise, it is a continuous process as parameters in the organisation and the environment changes.

Our point of departure is establishment of a common understanding of long term goals and immediate objectives via dialogue with the client. Main activities are defined, and the parameters for input requirements and costs are agreed. Lines of communication and reporting are established. In the final stage we can assist with IPR registration of designs, methods and products. We intend to apply both traditional technologies and the latest media tactics to deliver the optimal mix for branding your concept. BELCO puts together a team from own resources and our network of specialist operators in various media categories and design fields.

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