About us

BELCO ApS. (Ltd.) was incorporated in year 2000 as a single proprietorship, registered in Holte, Denmark. In 2002 the company was transformed into a Limited Liability shareholding company (Danish: Anpartsselskab, English: Ltd.). It operates as a network based Management and Development consulting service that:

  • Carries out various short term project preparatory, market, and investment studies;
  • Provides long term technical assistance (TA) and  advisory services for implementation  and project management;
  • Defines action plans by priority for policy implementation, public sector capacity building, infrastructure and Service Sector development;
  • Identifies investment needs for sector wide programmes as for stand-alone projects, PPP interventions, industrial investment projects, and help meet plans of financing for the associated in- and outputs;
  • Arranges, executes, and acts as expert panel member, chairperson, presenter, facilitator on international conferences, seminars, and workshops; and
  • Executes ex-ante evaluations, due diligence reporting, mid-term reviews, ex-post evaluations, and audits.

The group of clients includes international and regional development finance institutions, government offices, industrialists, financial institutions, and civil society organisations. Services are delivered in concert with the priorities of the beneficiaries considering policies of the development partner community, international and local financial institutions, and private investors. A partnership and dialogue approach is always applied to ensure that the clients’ expectations to quality are met. So far, more than 100 project owners and investors have entrusted us with their needs for consulting services to elaborate and/or implement their ideas in a dynamic and competitive world (Read more…link to Clients Served subpage).

The scope of interventions range from small scale study activities to the management of large scale sector programmes, and private sector investment projects (in financial terms they range from € 20,000 to € 3.3 billion). One objective is to create sustainable jobs in developing, transitory and developed countries; examples

  • A recently completed critical technical, financial and managerial audit of a private sector investment concept, resulted in the acquisition of necessary funds to expand capacity 3 times, introduces new technology, creates around 650 local jobs in Africa, and enhanced the company image.
  • Another recently completed long term assignment resulted in assistance to 193 food sector enterprises in 22 countries, resulting in the support/creation of 5,500 jobs, and securing continued or new access to European markets based on the norms and standards as per EU- food safety regulations – 220 training sessions for enterprise managers and food inspectors were executed to assure transfer of ownership, technology, good management practices and quality assurance.


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