Core areas

BELCO services are provided to Governments, Regional Economic integration Communities (REC), private enterprises and civil society organisations.  The combination and content of services applied to an actual project vary considerably reflecting the different needs within our three core areas:


1. Assistance to public sector organisations.

Work for public sector organisations involve all phases on the project cycle. The Terms of Reference (ToR) are in most case given by the client/beneficiary and help identify national goals, regional integration ambitions, and clarify the development partners’ policy preferences. Subsequent evaluation and audit assignments allow distilling lessons learned to improve on project design, management and implementation practices.  Up to now BELCO has assisted more than 90 governments and 7 RECs within these areas.

2. Assistance to private enterprises.

The nature of services provided to large and SME level enterprises varies with the nature of the enterprise and the actual assignment. We also assist the building of institutional infrastructure and capacity to elaborate the enabling environment for enterprise development. This core area creates sustainable jobs and counts today support to around 300 individual enterprises.

3. Assistance is to civil society as building blocks for a more democratic orientation of society.

Civil society organisations pave the way for a more democratic orientation of society, and we work both at national and local levels. The result is often an improvement on the aspects of rights, and enhanced channels for marketing etc.


On this background BELCO has worked services to most economic sectors. (see sidebar sub-menus)

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